Interview – 1 book in 5 questions : The Marco effect from Jussi Adler-Olsen

After the recent release of his novel in France :

an interview with Jussi Adler-Olsen.

The Marco effect (English)

Marco effekten (Danish)

L’effet papillon (français)

My review (in French)

French cover

We can say that the tone of the novel is quite different from the previous, Journal 64. Was it a desire from the start?

Oh yes, indeed.

I strive for each novel in this series to have a tone of its own. It is a way of challenging myself.

This novel has a slightly exotic flavor, since part of the plot take place far from Denmark…

The location – Cameroun – was chosen because a very close friend of mine said «Jussi, do you know what you forgot last week? My 50th birthday!»

I had to compensate somehow and suggested that we took on a trip together – he chose the jungle of Dja in Cameroun which suited me perfectly, as I had thought of this story for some time.

Now I had a chance to do research on the spot.

Contrast is again striking between the very difficult issues that are addressed through this story, and most humorous scenes… A few words on these topics and finding a balance with the other passages?

To take the humorous scenes first – I use them in the situations which become too much if you do not find something to soften it – and humour is the perfect «weapon» to make it bearable.

One of the issues of the novel I wanted to point out is the fact that the people who are worst off in our society have their own pecking order.

We tend to turn away from all this, but I want us to be aware of what is happening right under our noses.

We’re just beginning to see a tiny piece of the past of Assad. In fact, you’re a bit sadistic with your readers, right? 😉

Ha, ha! In every novel I let slip some more information, not just of Assad but of Carl and Rose as well.

They are complicated people with each their own intriguing story and once the Department Q series is complete (I plan to write 10 novels in all) you will know all about them.

What do you think of the French title of your novel («The butterfly effet»)?

The Marco Effect IS «L’effet papillon».

The concept where one little movement from a butterfly on the other side of the world can cause immeasuarble damages where you are, is one that I thought of when I wrote the novel so I am happy with this title.

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