Interview – 1 book in 5 questions : Collecting Cooper – Paul Cleave

We meet Theodore Tate again in this book, the main character of “Cemetery Lake”. This time, he’s not alone, “collecting Cooper” is a novel with multiple leading characters… 

You’re right – this is the second time we meet Theodore Tate (and won’t be the last). He is dealing with the fallout from Cemetery Lake – after all, he did some bad things in that book and is now paying the price for it.

He’s on the path to redemption, but that path is paved with a whole bunch of other characters who are all somewhat ‘messed up’.

The book is told from the point of view of some of these people, each of them with their own story to tell, but their fates are all intertwined…

Without spoiling the plot (it would be a crime !), what would you answer if I’m telling you this book is quite the missing link between your previous stories ?

I haven’t thought of it like that. I think it does feel different from the other books, because it was my fifth one, and it was the first time I brought back a leading character from a previous book.

I’m not quite sure I’d say it’s a missing link – in fact I’d say it’s more an evolution of the previous novels.

The plot structure is particularly awesome, especially this time. Did you encountered difficulties to build it and what’s your work method for having such a story being so solid?

Ha! I love that you say that.

I don’t actually have any of the novels plotted out when I’m writing them – I just tend to start writing and see where it goes, then hold on as tight as I can for ride. If there are problems along the way, then I take care of those in the rewrites…

One more time, it seems you forged your style as well as the plot (with Tate’s way of thinking, his characteristic dark humour…)

I try to give the main characters the same humour I have – though often they tend to same something that I wouldn’t. Especially Joe.

But I do have plenty of things in common with Tate – and I’m really glad he can make you laugh.

Do you have any problems with graves and fresh-buried corpses ? 😉

Just the ones in my backyard.


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